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Forget everything you know, Metalbone is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen. The future has already begun and limits become beginnings. The Metalbone 3.1 breaks all the established rules to bring you the ultimate padel experience.

More innovation, more technology, more unexpected solutions to give your game a new dimension. The racket incorporates the OCTOGONAL STRUCTURE, an exclusive design that provides great rigidity to the entire structure so you can get all your power into each stroke. In addition, the racket has a diamond-shaped design, which will help you even more to get the greatest possible speed and power in your game. With the WEIGHT AND BALANCE SYSTEM you can configure the racket to your liking according to the requirements of your next match. Enjoy a unique hitting sensation with the combination of ALUMINIZED CARBON fiber and OCTOGONAL SPIN BLADE technology. More power and spin in all your shots. Its EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber composition will allow you to enjoy maximum comfort in every shot.  

Take charge, start the revolution.