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The NEW Metheora Dual is designed for the most demanding players, with an advanced level of play. Thanks to its new Dual Density rubber, the racket can adapt to any type of stroke, offering comfortable sensations in slow strokes and providing an extra explosiveness in fast and offensive strokes.

  • NEW Dual Density rubber: it is composed of different density rubbers, the outer layers being of lower density than the inner ones.
  • Round shape, with its sweet spot at the centre of the plane.
  • NEW. Two layers of carbon in the head: Colours Carbon 3K black+ Carbon 3K. The racket is stiffened by the use of two layers of carbon that gives greater control and power.
  • The roughness of the plane surface (Full Plane Effect) helps players achieve greater precision in the effect of each stroke. StarVie works this roughness directly from the mould.
  • Includes the Star Balance system in the racket throat, giving it a perfect weight balance and stability. 
  • It is 100% made in Spain, in Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara).


    • New: adjustable string.
    • Eco bag.


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