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Royal Padel

På lager: 9 RP-771-EFE-XTREME
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The RP 771 EFE Xtreme racket by Royal Padel is a perfect choice for expert and competition players seeking a perfect balance between power and control. With a modern design and high-level features, this racket will allow you to take your game to the next level.


✓ Designed for expert players

The RP 771 EFE Xtreme is designed for expert and competition players seeking a high-performance racket. Its diamond shape and 38mm profile make it a powerful racket, ideal for players who require more power in their shots.

✓ Unlimited power and control

This racket offers a perfect combination of power and control. Its Eva foam core provides a semi-hard touch, allowing exceptional control in every movement. Additionally, its carbon material gives it great power, making it a versatile and balanced racket.

✓ Advantages on the court

With the RP 771 EFE Xtreme, you will be able to improve your game on the court. Its design and technologies will allow you to hit with greater precision and comfort, avoiding possible injuries thanks to its impact absorption system. Additionally, its balance and adjustable weight will give you greater maneuverability in every movement.

✓ Quality and style

The RP 771 EFE Xtreme racket stands out for its modern and elegant design. With black and red colors, this racket will not only provide you with great performance on the court but will also make you look stylish.


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