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Royal Padel

På lager: 6 RP-M2-R-CONTROL23
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The M27 R-Control 2023 paddle is a perfect choice for expert or competition players who are looking for a balance between control and power in their game. With its aggressive design and incorporated technologies, this paddle will allow you to enjoy an attacking game without losing touch and control in your shots. Take advantage of our offer and get this high-performance paddle.


✓ Designed for expert/competition players:

The M27 R-Control 2023 is intended for expert level or competition players who are looking for a paddle with an aggressive profile and an attacking game. This paddle will allow you to stand out on the court with its excellent balance between control and power.

✓ Key features:

With 3D Hexcel Twill Aeronautical carbon reinforcements, this paddle offers greater durability. Its hybrid core of Eva rubber and Polyethylene improves power without sacrificing control. In addition, its surface with 'Carbon 5D Rough Grip' system provides total grip and facilitates shot effects.

✓ Advantages of using the M27 R-Control 2023 on the court:

This paddle gives you the ability to play aggressively without losing control. With its modern and aggressive design, it will allow you to stand out in every shot and dominate the court. In addition, the 3D Hexcel Twill Aeronautical carbon reinforcements guarantee greater durability, allowing you to enjoy this paddle for a long time.


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