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StarVie Aquila Soft 2024


På lager: 3 PSTA11000-346
Vennligst velg


It stands out for being a comfortable racket, which offers good sensations on the court with a perfect balance between power, control and ball output.
Its manoeuvrability is also surprising thanks to its density of Soft 30 rubber at its core.
It is designed for mid-level offensive players, who are looking for great acceleration and good aerial play.

- Carbon Fiber and Tubular Carbon technologies. It has a 100% 3K carbon composition in both the plane and tubular of the racket.
-NEW. Power Balance, a technology located at the heart of the racket that optimizes the distribution of the weight of the racket, thus providing greater balance towards the head and achieving excellent power.
- It has a teardrop shape, its optimal point is balanced towards the tip.
- Racket with Soft 30 rubber density, helps to achieve greater ball speed and ease in the execution of the shot.
- Reinforcement Torsion System, applied to the heart of the racket that helps reduce the vibrations that are transmitted to the grip of the racket.
- Anatomic Bridge Design, technology applied to the heart area.
This system has been added to give it an anatomical shape that makes it easier to adopt a more adequate and comfortable posture when gripping the racket with both hands.
- Roughness in the decals of the racket.


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